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"Our desire is to make brand and idea protection accessible to all. At every step of the way we try to simplify everything as much as possible. We believe that we will be able to simplify the trademark market so much that, in time, we won’t be needed at all!"



Why are trademarks important?

Our story



Jakub Michl and Jan Beneš set up an advertising agency in Pilsen, Czech Republic, and decided to register a trademark for it. The process was quite complicated and they had limited finances in the beginning, so they decided to DIY it.



Our clients wanted trademarks. We looked for partners from the ranks of patent attorneys and lawyers who would be able to offer impeccable services at reasonable prices. Jaroslav Mrvka joined the team and took charge of the entire project.



After a long journey of finding suitable partners, the first specialised trademark portal was created. It was designed as a simple service, where after filling in the form, everything was taken over by a specialist on the given topic. The order was then completed with the client.



We’re delighted by the success of the Patentoid service, and proud to be celebrating the first few hundreds of registered trademarks. Our numbers are growing and we’re fulfilling our mission to simplify the protection of brands, names, logos, etc. as much as possible.



We continued to go from strength to strength, celebrating the momentous milestone that is our first 1000 registered trademarks. That’s one thousand ideas kept safe from theft and imitation - all thanks to us.



Following our success in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we were able to expand into the UK market under our new domain, It wasn’t long before we began helping our first British customers with their trademark applications. 

Why are trademarks important?

Daniel B. ( 2017)

5 / 5

I am truly satisfied with the service. :-) I filled out the order form, sent a couple of emails, and that was it. As a customer, I can say it was perfect - everything went smoothly, and I didn't have to worry about anything. Thank you once again, have a beautiful day and many satisfied customers :-)

Miriam S. ( 2020)

Good service. I can recommend.

Andrew M. ( 2021)

Friendly team, can help and steps in when issues arise. We Thank to Patentoid securing our Trademark.

Stanley D. ( 2015)

5 / 5

Thanks to Patentoid, we have had our software protected from the very beginning. Fast and simple. Highly recommended.

Paul F ( 2019)

Glad to have my (R)

Thomas L. ( 2016)

5 / 5

It is only thanks to this service that we finally have our long-awaited ®. Everything was explained to us and we were recommended the best option for us. Apart from a couple of emails and signing a power of attorney, everything was done by Patentoid. It didn't take up any of our time. We can truly recommend their services!

Ralph C. ( 2021)

5 / 5

I wanted to have my brand protected because I have been building it for several years, so I used patentoid. Highly recommended.

Philip M. ( 2021)

5 / 5

I like services that can make relatively complicated things as easy as filling out a simple form. Patentoid is one of them. You can spend hours studying up on trademarks and trying to apply for one yourself or debate them with attorneys.

Tom R. ( 2021)

Fast and flexible experts. Can recommend.

Laurence B. ( 2021)

5 / 5

I wanted to register a trademark for my company, but I was horrified by all the paperwork I would have to do. I placed an order on Patentoid and they took care of everything. I admire people who can handle bureaucratic mud on a professional level.

Peter S. ( 2021)

5 / 5

Awesome user interface. Fast response. Great communication.

Evelyn B. ( 2021)

5 / 5

I am really glad there is a company that can make the registration process easier! I think it's a great investment. It will save you a lot of time and running around.

Edward P. ( 2018)

5 / 5

Well done guys.

Martin S. ( 2021)

5 / 5

We were worried someone would take our slogan. With Patentoid, we were able to register it quickly and easily..

Thomas B. ( 2021)

5 / 5

The trademark registration was fast and smooth. I can honestly recommend Patentoid to other customers.

Edward O. ( 2021)

5 / 5

Friendly and open communication

Joshua C. ( 2021)

5 / 5

They took care of everything perfectly.

Daniel F. ( 2018)

5 / 5

Patentoid offers the kind of service I was looking for. After placing an order, all me and the employees of the company had to do was consult the individual stages of the trademark registration process. We were regularly informed about the progress made. Everything was just perfect. Thank you.

Adam A. ( 2018)

5 / 5

Everything up to par. Would recommend.

Peter G. ( 2021)

5 / 5

Absolutely amazing cooperation, recommended to everyone.

Henry B. ( 2019)

5 / 5

Absolutely delighted! If you are in need of professionals who will help you with everything, you've come to the right place! They will inform you throughout the whole registration process in a quick and clear fashion. I'd recommend their services to everyone.

Alfie C. ( 2021)

5 / 5

Perfect service. Even laymen will be able to understand everything.

Benjamin C. ( 2018)

5 / 5

I submitted all the supporting documents and paid the agreed-upon fee. You are informed of all the steps beforehand and when the deadlines are up, your trademark is easily registered. A big thanks to the whole team.

James P. ( 2021)

5 / 5

All I had to do was fill out the order form and they took care of the rest - it was simple, online, and worry-free. All of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly.

Daniel D. ( 2021)

5 / 5

Working with Patentoid was great. It all went smoothly, and the communication was great. Thanks

Martin C. ( 2021)

5 / 5

What I appreciate most about Patentoid is their communication and genuine interest in the customer. I was also pleased by how fast they processed my order and by the regular updates on my order status.

Daniel S. ( 2021)

5 / 5

Fast, simple, clear.

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