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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) sets the rules of personal data processing for Patentoid s.r.o., Id. No.: 04821645, a company with its registered office at Božkovská 671/33, Východní Předměstí, 326 00 Pilsen, Czech Republic (hereinafter “PATENTOID”, “our”, “us” or “we”).

This document is available on the website at operated by the PATENTOID.

This Policy serves primarily for compliance with PATENTOID’s duties to provide information under Articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data (hereinafter the “GDPR”). We value the privacy of anyone who provides personal data to us. This Policy applies to our customers, employees working for our customers, visitors to our websites, distributors, our suppliers (and potential suppliers), employees of these suppliers, and further contract partners.

It describes:

  • the data that we collect and that can identify you;
  • the manner of using these data;
  • the legal grounds for their processing;
  • the entities with whom we share the data; and
  • the way we retain the data.

This document also describes further important topics related to your data and their confidentiality.

Read this Policy carefully so that you know how we handle your personal data.

When you visit or browse our website at (hereinafter the “website”), contact us via social media or work for us, offer us goods or services, use any of our products or services that we provide to you, or otherwise provide us with your data (including participation in contests, visits to our events, and visits to our premises), you confirm that you have read the full version of this Policy.

This Policy consists of the following parts:

Part 1. Collection of data
Part 2. Use of data
Part 3. Legal grounds for the use of your personal data
Part 4. Cookies
Part 5. Disclosure of personal data
Part 6. Retention of personal data
Part 7. Your rights
Part 8. Marketing
Part 9. Data transfer
Part 10. Security
Part 11. Third-party websites
Part 12. Amendments to the Policy
Part 13. Further questions and complaints

1. Collection of data

We can obtain certain data about you directly from yourselves. However, we can also obtain data on you from third parties, such as vendors whose customers you are, media agencies, companies undertaking market surveys, our suppliers, public websites, agencies (including booking agencies) and public authorities (including customs authorities), which are collectively referred to as “external sources” in this Policy.
We or third parties on our behalf may collect and use the following data on yourselves, designated as “personal data” in the following text:

1.1 Personal data that you provide to us (or that we receive from external sources).
You may transfer your personal data to us by means of online forms on our website, by filling-in order forms, by creating an account with our company, or by contacting us by telephone at 773 287 300, by e-mail at or by other means. You or external sources may also provide us with your personal data when you or the external source, as the case may be, offer(s) or provide(s) services to us.
Personal data that you provide to us (or which we receive from external sources) may include:

A. Details on yourselves:

  • your name, surname;
  • name of your position;
  • company name;
  • e-mail address;
  • your telephone number;
  • account details;
  • address of your residence/your company (registered office);
  • your/your company’s identification number;
  • sex;
  • your date of birth and birth identification number, as the case may be;
  • information provided in correspondence; and
  • updates regarding data that have already been provided to us.

B. Information on visitors to our websites and, if applicable, users of our applications:

  • when you visit our website, your IP address;
  • your username;
  • your age;
  • your browsing behaviour on the website (e.g. the pages you clicked on) or in our application;
  • payment details:
  • order history; and
  • if you are a mobile application user, information on your position so that we can help you find our products and services, and if you are a service provider, so that we can monitor the effectiveness and economy of the services you provide to us.

C. Data on goods or services we provide to you:

  • information necessary for the provision of the goods or services for you (including data from the forms related to opening an account, order details, order history, payment details, mailing addresses, requests and limitations related to delivery, business references and tax information);
  • the name you gave for personalised products;
  • data for customer services; and
  • data for customer relationships management and marketing.

D. Data on services we obtain from you:

  • your website;
  • your photograph and video recording, if you are a partner or ambassador of the brand, or a potential partner or ambassador of the brand;
  • data from white paper documents;
  • data from the due diligence audits performed;
  • business contact details (telephone number, postal address, e-mail address);
  • identity document and address;
  • contact details for emergencies;
  • information on court proceedings and investigations; and
  • data necessary for accessing the system and applications (e.g. system ID).

E. If you make use of a photo stand at any event organised by our PATENTOID, your photograph and photo time stamp.

F. If you use social media to establish contact with us or obtain information on our products or services, data from your profile (including your preferences and communication with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) and data published by you on your “wall” and other similar “notice boards” with regard to our business.

G. If you visit events organised by PATENTOID, photographs and video recordings of the event (relevant information will always be provided to you during the event).

1.2 Personal data we collect on you or obtain from our external sources

A. Whenever you visit our website, we can automatically collect any of the following data:

  • technical data, including the IP address used to connect your computer to the internet, name of the domain and the country that require disclosure of data, required files, browser type and version, types and versions of browser accessories, operating system and platform;
  • data on your visit, including the URL addresses of the websites leading to our website, via our website or from our website (including data and time), time and duration of visits to certain pages, information on interaction with the page (e.g. browsing, clicking and placing the mouse pointer (cursor)), the ways you left the website, traffic data, location data, blogs and other communication data and data provided when requesting further services or downloading.

B. If you contact us on social media, we will collect certain data on you from the social media website and through your interaction with us or information on our products and services.

C. If you are a journalist or work for an institution/association in our field, we can collect data on you from public sources.

D. If you are a customer or supplier (or a potential customer or supplier) or if you work for any of them (including in a consulting role), we may obtain data about you from your company’s website.

2. Use of data

We, or external sources acting on our behalf, collect, use and retain personal data specified above for the following reasons:

2.1 If you visit our website or if you are a consumer and use our application,

A. to enable you to gain access to and use our website or application;
B. to provide technical support;
C. to provide you with information and services you require from us;
D. to ensure security of our services, our website and our application;
E. to keep information on your preferences and to adapt our website and application to your individual interests;
F. to recognise you when you return to our website;
G. to improve and maintain our website and application and to prepare reports or compile statistics in order to improve our goods and services. This information will be anonymised as far as reasonably possible and it will not be possible to identify you based on the collected data;
H. to enable you to participate in our contests and promotional events;
I. to process your orders for our goods or services; and

2.2 If we obtain goods or services from you,

A. to be able to receive services from you and manage them (including due diligence analyses of suppliers, reports of payments and expenses, and financial audits);
B. to manage and keep of records of health condition and safety;
C. to assess your working capacity;
D. to verify the information you stated in your curriculum vitae and references, and to assess whether you or your employer are suitable candidates for work for our company; and
E. to monitor the existence of equal opportunities.

2.3 If we provide goods or services to you,

A. to provide you or your employer with the relevant goods or services (including to be able to confirm and process orders, to administer your PATENTOID account, customer loans, taxes and expenses, for the purposes of invoicing and debt collection);
B. to resolve any questions or problems you may have with regard to our goods or services, including any and all queries you may have on the manner in which we collect, retain and use your personal data, and requirements for the provision of copies of the data we keep about you. If we do not have a contract with you, we may process your personal data for purposes that are in our legitimate interest in the provision of services to customers;
C. to be able to send certain communications to you (including e-mails and postal consignments) concerning our goods and services, such as notices and administrative reports (e.g. on changes in our terms and conditions and to inform you about our prices);
D. to enable you to participate in our events and contests, and to be able to send to you your photographs we have taken with your consent;
E. to ensure protection of health and safety, and quality control;
F. to perform statistical analyses and market surveys; and
G. if you have granted consent to this effect or in other cases where this is in our legitimate interest, for the purposes of developing PATENTOID and for marketing purposes so that we can provide you (including by e-mails and postal consignments) with information about our products and services that you have requested or that we believe could be of interest to you (including newsletters), but only if you have granted your consent to us to this effect.

2.4 For the purposes of internal corporate reporting, business administration, maintaining appropriate insurance coverage for PATENTOID, and ensuring the safety of our devices, for the purposes of research and development, and for identification and implementation of the possibilities of increasing PATENTOID’s efficiency.

2.5 To comply with all the procedures, laws and regulations applicable to us – this may include cases where, in our opinion, compliance with these regulations is in our legitimate interest or in the legitimate interest of other persons, and cases where this is required by the law.

2.6 To establish, exercise or defend our legal rights – this may include cases where, in our opinion, this is in our legitimate interest or in the legitimate interest of other persons, and cases where this is required by the law.

2.7 If you contact us on social media, to monitor your interaction with us and our brand online, and if this is in our legitimate interest, also for the purposes of market surveys and planning future marketing campaigns.

2.8 If we use your photograph or video recording of an event to disseminate information on the event to a broader audience and for the purposes of internal presentations, and if this is in our legitimate interest, also for business development and marketing purposes, or if we have your consent to this.

2.9 If you are a journalist and if this is in our legitimate interest, to contact you with a suggestion that you write an article about our products and services, invite you to events, and send promotional materials and deliver press releases to you.

3. Legal grounds for the use of your personal data

3.1 The legal grounds for the use of your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy are as follows:

A. the use of your personal data by us is necessary for the performance of our obligations following from any contract with you (e.g. to process an order you have placed with us; to comply with the terms and conditions of using our website or application that you accepted by visiting our website or downloading our application; and/or to comply with our service agreement; or for us to be able to obtain services from you or your employer); or
B. the use of your personal data by us is necessary for compliance with our statutory obligations (e.g. provision of data to a tax authority); or
C. if neither A. nor B. is applicable, the use of your personal data is necessary for our legitimate interests or legitimate interests of another person (e.g. to ensure security of our website or mobile application). Our legitimate interests are as follows:

  • to operate, expand and develop our business;
  • to operate our website and our mobile application;
  • to select qualified suppliers with the necessary abilities;
  • to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and visitors;
  • to carry out marketing, market research and business development activities;
  • to provide goods and services to our customers, to make and receive payments, to provide services to customers and to know customers to whom we provide services;
  • to place orders, monitor and ensure their performance by our suppliers; and
  • for the purposes of internal group administration.

3.2 We may use special categories of your personal data if you have given us your consent to this effect (which you may withdraw at any time after the consent has been granted, as specified below).

3.3 Some other use of your personal data may be subject to your consent in the future (which you may withdraw at any time after the consent has been granted, as specified below). If this is the case, the need to grant consent will be mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

3.4 If personal data are being processed exclusively on the basis of your consent, which you have granted to us with regard to the use of your data in a specific manner, and you later change your opinion, you may withdraw your consent at any time. If so, please contact us at the following e-mail address:, and we will cease using the data in this way. However, if you withdraw your consent, this may affect our ability to provide you with services (e.g. termination of your participation in a promotional event).

4. Cookies

4.1 Some pages of our website and mobile application use cookies, which are small files stored in the web browser whenever you visit the website or use our application. We use cookies so that we can offer you better tailored options in the future as we recognise and remember your specific preferences when you browse our website.

4.2 If we use cookies on our website, you can disable them at any time. You can do so in the settings of your browser, where you can disable all or some of the cookies. However, if you disable all the cookies in your browser settings (including necessary cookies), you might lose access to the entire website or its parts or the ability to use all or some of the functions provided by the website.

4.3 Detailed information on cookies we use and the purposes for which we use them are set out in the Cookies Policy here: If you continue using our website, mobile application and/or services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookies Policy.

5. Disclosure of personal data

5.1 We will share your personal data with the following categories of third parties:

A. with our service providers and subcontractors, including, but not limited to, payment processors, technical service and support providers, insurers, legal and logistic service providers, and cloud service providers;
B. with your employer or employment agency;
C. with providers of analytical and search modules that help us improve and optimise our website and our application.
D. with public institutions (including employees of customs offices);
E. with companies that help us with marketing, advertising and promotion; and

The possibility for all third parties with whom we share your personal data to use these data for purposes other than the provision of our services is limited (based on the law or by virtue of a contract). We will always ensure that third parties with whom we share your personal data comply with the obligations in the area of protection of privacy and security that are in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the applicable laws.

5.2 We will also disclose your personal data to third parties:
A. if this is in our legitimate interest in the operation, growth and development of our business:
if we sell or acquire a company or assets, we may disclose your personal data to a potential buyer or seller of the company or assets;
if almost all the assets of PATENTOID are acquired by a third party – in that case, the personal data in the possession of PATENTOID will form part of the assets being transferred;
B. if we have the obligation to disclose or share your personal data, to comply with any legal obligation or with the legal requirements of governmental or police authorities, and within compliance with the laws of individual countries in the area of security, law enforcement or prevention of unlawful activities;
C. to be able to enforce or put into force our terms and conditions or some other agreement, or to respond to allegations, to protect our rights or rights of a third party, to protect the safety of persons or to prevent unlawful activities; or
D. to be are able to protect the rights, property or safety of PATENTOID, our employees, customers and other persons. This may include exchange of personal data with other organisations for the purposes of preventing embezzlement and limiting credit risk.

5.3 We may also disclose and use anonymised, aggregated reports and statistics on the users of our website and application or our goods and services, and based on interactions with us and our brands on social media, for the purposes of creating internal reports or reports for other third parties, and for our marketing and promotional purposes. None of these anonymised, aggregated reports or statistics will allow personal identification of our users.

5.4 Unless expressly stated above, we will never share, sell or rent your personal data to any third party without notifying you of this fact and obtaining your consent, if required. If you have granted your consent to the use of your personal data by us in a specific manner, and you later change your opinion, you should contact us and we will ceasing using the data in this manner (see above).

6. Retention of personal data

We do not keep your personal data any longer than necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are being processed. The period for which we retain personal data depends on the purpose for which we collect and use them and/or which follows from compliance with the applicable laws and the need to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights.
However, we reserve the right to contact you at least once every ten (10) years, especially in connection with the extension of the registration of your trade mark, if any.

7. Your rights

7.1 You have certain rights in relation to your personal data. If you wish to obtain further information on these rights or if you wish to exercise any of them, please contact us at any time by e-mail at You have the right to request that we:

A. enable you to access your personal data we have in our possession;
B. update any personal data on yourselves that are not up-to-date or correct;
C. erase your personal data in our possession;
D. restrict the manner of processing of your personal data;
E. prevent the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing;
F. provide or not provide your personal data to external service providers;
G. provide you with a copy of your personal data in our possession; or
H. consider any justified objections you raise against the use of your personal data by us.

7.2 We will consider all such requirements and respond to them within a reasonable deadline (not later than within the deadline prescribed by the law). However, please note that certain personal data may be excluded from these requirements under certain circumstances.

7.3 If such an exception applies, we will inform you accordingly in response to your request. Before we respond to your requests, we can ask you to provide us with information necessary to confirm your identity.

8. Marketing

8.1 We may collect and use for marketing purposes your personal data provided in e-mails, our application, telephone calls and postal consignments.
8.2 We may send certain marketing communications to you (including electronic marketing communications intended for our current customers) if this is in our legitimate interest for the purposes of marketing and business development.
8.3 However, we will always obtain your consent to receiving direct marketing communications if this is required by the law and if we intend to disclose your personal data to a third party for these marketing purposes.
8.4 If you wish us to stop sending marketing communications to you, you can contact us at any time by e-mail at

9. Transfer of personal data

9.1 Personal data may be used, stored and/or accessed by employees outside the EEA who work for us or for external sources. They may do so within the provision of our services to you or your employer, for the purposes of obtaining services from you or external sources, for processing of transactions and/or provision of support services. Further details on who can be provided with your personal data are given in Section 5 above.
9.2 If we transfer any personal data on yourselves to external sources outside the EEA, we will adopt appropriate measures to ensure that the recipient protects your personal data appropriately in accordance with this Privacy Policy. These measures may include, inter alia:
A. in the case of entities established in the U.S.A., execution of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission or ensuring that they join the EU-US Privacy Shield (see further information at; or
B. in the case of entities established in other countries outside the EEA, execution of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.
9.3 Further details on the measures we take to protect your personal data in these cases are available at any time on request – please contact us at any time by e-mail at

10. Security

10.1 PATENTOID places great emphasis on protecting personal data against loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, unauthorised access, unavailability and destruction, and takes all reasonable preventive measures to protect confidentiality of personal data, including appropriate organisational and technical measures. Organisational measures include control mechanisms restricting physical access to our premises, training of employees and locking files in filing cabinets. Technical measures include the use of encryption, passwords for access to our systems and the use of antivirus software.

10.2 In the provision of personal data, your personal data may be transmitted via the Internet. Although we use our best efforts to protect personal data you provide to us, internet transmission is never entirely safe. You therefore acknowledge and accept that we cannot guarantee the security of your personal data transmitted to our website and that such transfer takes place at your risk. As soon as we receive your personal data, we will use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorised access to the data.

10.3 If we have provided you with a password (or if you have chosen one) that enables you to access your online account, you are responsible for keeping the password secret. We ask you not to disclose the password to anyone.

11. Third-party websites

Our website, mobile application and social media sites may occasionally contain links to websites operated by third parties, including partner networks. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to personal data that we collect via our website, mobile application and social media sites or that we obtain from external sources, and that we cannot be held responsible for your personal data that is collected and retained by third parties. Third-party websites have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies, and you should read them carefully before sending any personal data to such a website. We neither approve nor accept any responsibility for the contents of such websites, or the terms and conditions and policies of such websites.

12. Amendments to our Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Any future amendments to the Privacy Policy will be published on this page and you will be informed of them by e-mail as required. You should return to this page and check whether our Privacy Policy has been updated or amended. If you continue to use the services and our website, or offer and/or provide us with your services, you confirm thereby that you have read and understand the up-to-date version of our Privacy Policy.

13. Further questions and complaints

13.1 Should you have any questions or complaints regarding the collection, use or retention of your personal data by us, or if you wish to exercise any of your rights related to your personal data, please contact us by e-mail at We will investigate into any complaint or dispute concerning the use or disclosure of your personal data and attempt to resolve it.

13.2 You may also lodge a complaint with the local data protection authority in the EU Member State where our company has its registered office or where we process personal data concerning offers of goods or services to yourselves in the European Union. Alternatively, if you believe that your rights have been violated, you may claim remedy in local courts.

The procedures described in this Privacy Policy are updated as of 8 August 2020.

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